One GUY!

Seriously, our insurance doesn't cover dry hire so you get extra crew for your shoot. Bonus!


2x Arri 2000w Blondes (Packed as requested)

2x Arri 800w Redheads (Packed as requested)

1x Arri 1000w Fresnel

1x Arri 650w Fresnel

1x Arri 300w Fresnel

1x ETC Source Four (Packed as requested)

1x 3 Light Dedo Kit with optical snoot and soft box


2x Arri 4/2.5k HMI Par (With Lens Kits)

1x Arri 1.2k HMI Par (With Lens Kit)

1x Arri 525 HMI Fresnel (Packed as requested)


2x Arri S60 Skypanel

4x Astera Titan Tubes with Art7 Control Box

2x Fotodiox v4000 2x1 (200w BiColour Led Panels)

1x Aputure 600D Pro

1x Amaran F22c

1x Aputure LS1c

1x Aputure COB 120D

2x KinoFlo 4x4 With Dimmable BiColour Led Tubes

2x Aputure B7c 

4x Aputure MC

1x Falconeyes RX18TD Bi Colour Flexible LED

1x Falconeyes RX12TD Bi Colour Flexible LED


8x 3m c stands with 40” grip arms

3x 20” c stand with grip arm

2x Doughty Low Boy Combo Stands

3x Manfrotto 007BSU Stand BK

2x Hi Hi Hi Walkers (Packed as requested)

2x Double Riser Combo

2x Hi Hi Hi Rollers

2x Manfrotto 269 Triple Riser Combo

2x 10’ Baby Stands

2x Dedo Stands

2x Double Riser Cranky Stands

2x Kupo Slider Stands

Flags & Modifiers

1x 8 Foot Solid Black Wag Flag

2x 1/2 Stop Grid 3x2 Flags

4x Black 3x2 Flags

4x 4x4 Floppy

4x Knife Edge Gel Frames

1x 3x2 Double Scrim

1x 3x2 Single Scrim

1x 2x1.5 Flag

1x 1.5x1 Flag

Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel 1000W - 80x60 cm

Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel 650W - 70x50 cm

Scrim kit - Junior 650 watts

Scrim kit - Junior 1000 watts

1x Aputure Light Dome

1x 4x4 Poly Bounce/Soft Silver

1x 3x3 Poly Bounce/Soft Silver

1 x Aputure 2x Fresnel

1x Aputure f10 Fresnel


2x Manfrotto variable friction arms

6x Mafer/Super clamps

3x Manfrotto Autopole (3 Lengths)

1x Rig Wheels XL Camera Mounting Platform with Cloud Mount (Suction & Magnetic) Packed as requested.

1x Dana Dolly Universal Rental Kit. (Packed as requested)

2x Nesting Families Apple Boxes

8x Pipe to Pipe Clamp

4x Cardelinni Clamp -short

2x Cardelinni Clamp - Long

2x Junior Grip Head 4.5" with 28mm receiver

4x Spigot Adapter/ Bale Block

2x Spigot Adapter 28 to16 mm/Buttplug - long

4x Grid Clamp with M8x30 bolt 35-53 mm

1x Double Articulated Arm 3 Sections

1x Matthews Menace Arm Kit  

Frames & Rags

6 Foot Frame

6 Foot Double Scrim black butterfly

6 Foot Silk

6 Foot Black/White Griffolyn

8 Foot frame

8 Foot Double Scrim

8 Foot Silk

8 Foot Full Silent Grid

8 Foot UltraBounce Black/White

8 Foot Black/Silver Griffolyn

12 Foot Frame

12 Foot Double Scrim

12 Foot Silk

12 Foot UltraBounce Black/White

12 Foot Black/Silver Griffolyn

More Things

RocknRoller R18RT Cart With Top Shelf (Packed as requested)

RocknRoller R12 Cart With Top Shelf

6 Channels of Dimmer (Packed as requested)

Grip Clamps,



Wedges (Packed as requested)


Sand Bags etc.

Available On Request For an Additional Fee

3rd Arri Skypanel s60's

Egripment Doorway Dolly  With Turnstyle Mount 

Movietech Mini Jib with 2x 16kg Weights 

3x Euro Mount Risers

Movietech Master Track 22m Straight (7x2.3m, 4x1.6m, 2x0.9m) 

Multi Adapter Kit Mitchell- Euro - Bowl

Basso Blocks/Paganinis

32A 3phase to Single Phase Distro & Cables 

2x 3x3m EZ Up with sides (Navy & Black)

2000w Sip Medusa Quiet inverter generator.

Came TV Prodigy 3 Axis Gimbal

Samyang VDSLR Cine Prime Kit (Canon)

Sony FS7

Sony FS5 Raw

Atomos Shogun Inferno